Each week we have a positive changes post. This week we have Ravinder Singh, born and bred in Birmingham. via: Sikh Youth Birmingham

“I used to be a typical normal Panjabi Sikh guy who went to school, college, well-educated and now currently at university. I never really understood Sikhi or why I went to the Gurdwara.


I started to see my peers and family members drinking alcohol, so I started to drink with them too. I never thought there was anything wrong with drinking alcohol. Although, I did see many people act very foolish when they did drink at weddings. As you know, most Panjabi weddings have alcohol at the party, and I wasn’t aware how it could affect me.

It is seen by most as ok to drink, but I started noticing that my mindset wasn’t the same when I drank; I did a lot of things out of character when I drank. Alcohol started affecting my education, my family life, as well as my personal life.

So I started to learn about Sikhi online and got Sangat from a local Sikh Youth Birmingham Forum which had a very positive effect on me.
The Sangat from that Forum helped me so much and I still do support those sevadaars and help them out with alcohol and drugs projects.
Guru Granth Sahib Ji tells us the Truth, Bani has all the answers and is my only guidance whom I seek. Now, my life is more fulfilling and meaningful than when I just sat down in the pub with friends and family like I used to.

I am currently doing Seva for numerous Sikh Organisations. I would encourage people to get involved with Sikh Youth UK who are helping so many families with alcohol and drug addictions.”

Addiction effects so many people in our community if you have issues come forward approach me or any of the team, Sikh youth are here to help guide and Supprt you !!!!!

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