MLA Rod Loyola gave a statement on the Sikh Genocide of 1984 in Delhi.

An excerpt:

He stated, “Mr. Speaker I rise today in solidarty with the Sikh community here and around the world. As we mark the 31st Anniversary of the Sikh genocide in which Sikh children woman and men targeted in an organized campaign in India. According to former Indian Justice, Nanavati, the systemic mannner in which the Sikhs were then killed points out that the attacks on them were organized.

Let us also recognize those with serious risks to their families provided assistance and refugee to their Sikh neighbors during these horrific events. The NDP and I stand agaisnt all extra judicial killings and in solidarity with the Sikh community and independent human rights organizations who’ve waited far to long for justice. The truth must be brought to light and the guilty must be brought to justice. “

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