Akshay Kumar Discusses Farmer Suicides and Drug Problem in Punjab With Delhi CM

There was a fashion show which was held around the theme of SIB and the who’s who of Delhi socialite s were present for this mega event.
Akshay Kumar who has always been supporting families of farmers since many years decided to raise funds for grieve stricken farmer families and requested other people present there to donate funds.

Within 15 mins a huge sum was collected for the 100 farmer families.

Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Arvind Kejriwal came to know about this and his office sent a request to Akshay Kumar’s team to meet the actor.

During the 30-minute meeting the two discussed about the issues related to farming sector, growing farmer suicides and ways to help the farmers get out of the distress situation.

Mr. Kumar also briefed the Chief Minister on the works he has been doing for the farmers and how he supports 30-farmers every month. The Chief Minister expressed concern over the suicides of farmers in some parts of the country and asked on how the Delhi government could be of help in extending a helping hand to the farmers.

“We will do whatever we can. We must device a method to help. It’s very disheartening to see the situation. They are the ones who feed us; we must take care of them. We need to get to the root cause of the problem. They must get their due,” said the Chief Minister.
Issues like the Drug menace in Punjab and how it was affecting a whole generation was also discussed during the meeting.
The Chief Minister said that all good people should come together for the causes which affect the society.

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