At the village of Jwarka of Mansa, Akali supporters were unhappy after a Granthi made an announcement and the Akali supporters snatched the mic away from him. Things became tense quickly after the Granthi made an announcement to keep in mind the incidents of sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji before casting the vote. The Granthi did not endorse any particular party but the announcement angred the Akali workers.


Females inside the Gurdwara came to the rescue of the Granthi.

Granthi Gurmeet Singh said, “I did not say to vote for any particular party. All I said what what other preachers have stated which was to keep in mind the sacrilege incidents.”

Gurmeet Singh registered a complaint with the police and they stated nothing in the message was against the law.

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