Akal Takht Orders Sikhs to Protect Kashmiri Girls

The Akal Thakat Jathedar has announced that it is the duty of Sikhs to protect the Kashmiri women. The comment comes after a Haryana politician Manohar Lal Khattar called on bringing girls from Haryana.

Khattar stated: “Our minister Dhankhar ji used to say that we will have to bring daughters-in-law from Bihar if the number of girls reduces and the number of boys increases. Now people say that since Kashmir is open, we can bring girls from there. Jokes apart, if there is a good (sex) ratio, the balance in the society will be set right,” Mr Khattar said at the rally, according to news agency ANI.

The Akal Takht Jathedar responded:

“The manner in which some people are posting pictures of Kashmiri daughters on social media has hurt India’s image. Such comments objectify women,” said Giani Harpreet Singh, Acting Jathedar Of Akal Takht.

“God has given equal rights to all human beings and it is a crime to differentiate against anyone on the basis of gender, caste or religion. The kind of commands given by elected representatives on social media against the girls of Kashmir after the removal of special status under Section 370 are not only defamatory but also unforgivable,” he said in a statement written in liturgical language Gurmukhi.

“Kashmiri women are part of our society. It is our religious duty to defend their honour. Sikhs should come forward to protect the honour of Kashmiri women. It is our duty and it is our history,” he said.

Harminder Singh Ahluwalia from Delhi, collected 400,000 rupees in donations to buy tickets to help 34 Kashmiri girls, stuck in Maharashtra, reach Srinagar.

Harminder Singh along with 3 other Singhs then accompanied the girls to ensure they all were back home safely in Kashmir!

Respect for that!

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