In a video which has gone viral on social networks, it shows how the heartless employees of Air India treat passengers.

In this particular Incident, the airline had issued a statement for passengers to arrive 45 minutes from departure. Some of the passengers arrived 5 minutes late and due to that the airline wouldn’t let them board.

The passengers over and over stated that we are only few minutes late to let us board. However, the Air India employees refused despite some of the passengers begging them to let them board.

Even though the flight was to depart 55 minutes later, the passengers weren’t allowed to enter the plane.

The woman crying in the video has a mother in the ICU who could possible lose her life but it isn’t enough for the heartless employees to allow just her to enter.

The passengers stated to at least let the girl board whose mother could lose her life but the Airline refused to allow it.

The frustrated passengers were brought to the position of begging to the employees but still the employees treated them with disrespect.

How Air India Employees Treat Passengers by dailysikhupdates

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