Agriculturists From USA Visit Punjab to Learn New and Advanced Technologies

LUDHIANA: A 12-member delegation of agriculturists from USA andAfghanistan visited the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) on Monday to have an overview of the Indian agriculture in general and Punjab agriculture in particular.

The delegation members, led by Brent Webster Beck, USA, visited the experimental area of the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agrometeorology Observatory, and mushroom farm at PAU.

The group leader, Beck said the major aim of their visit to the PAU is to apprise the Afghan agriculturists of new farm technologies and give them the educational experience in agriculture.

He said the agriculture population in USA is declining due to lack of good technology and that there was a vital need for the development of new technology to maintain sustainability.


A delegation member, Mohammad Hassan Rashiq, professor, agriculture and animal sciences, Kabul University, Afghanistan, said India has advanced in agriculture.

“We have come to Punjab Agricultural University to learn about the academic programmes of this university to study India’s experience in agriculture and see its application in Afghanistan.”

Originally Published by: TOI

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