According to a Press release by Sikhs For Justice:

A Private investigation firm named Flash Point Investigators served US Federal Court summons to DSGMC head Manjit Singh G.K. Under United Stated Federal laws, Manjit Singh G.K now has until July 22 to give a response to the court.

Federal Judge James C. Francis will hear the allegations against G.K which are death threats, illegal detention and physical abuse.

A small clash occurred between Manjinder Singh Sirsa and investigators who were chasing G.K to serve the summons outside the ‘Golden Terrace’ restaurant in Richmond Hill.

The investigating group lodged a criminal complaint filed with the ‘New York Police Department’ against Sirsa for the ‘attack’ against the employees of the private investigation group.

“I was threatened to be killed and physically harmed by SAD (Badal) leader Sirsa”, Jagjeet Singh stated in his complaint filed with 102 Precinct NYPD in Richmond Hill, NY.

NYPD opened an investigation against “Sirsa” on the charges of threaten to kill or physically harm someone.

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