After 4 Years, Sarvajeet Proven Innocent in Harassment Case of Jasleen Kaur

In 2015, an alleged harassment case between Sarvajeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur went viral on social media which led to charges against Sarvajeet over harassment. Jasleen posted a photo of Sarvajeet and accused him of obscene comments and threatening her.

One of her original posts:

Kaur wrote in her post that Singh said, “Jo kar sakti hai kar le. Complaint karke dikha, fir dekhiyo kya karta hun main”. (Do whatever you want, complain against me and then see what I will do to you).”

The Facebook post ruined the man’s life and he started being called ‘Dilli Ka Darinda.’

The Delhi Police arrested Sarvjeet and a national outcry against Sarvajeet occurred which led to him being humiliated as no one was ready to hear his side of the story.

The life of Sarvjeet was impacted so much that he wasn’t able to get a job due to a ‘criminal record.’

“Soon after the incident, the company I was working with asked me to leave. We used to produce labels for branded clothes and had international clients. My boss told me that the company’s name was being tainted as the news had spread to our international clients as well,” the Print quoted him as saying last year.

The trials saw Sarvajeet showing up to the court dates but Jasleen did not show and the family cited Jasleen to be studying overseas in Canada.

Sarvajeet was acquitted in the case and he has received an immense relief.

He posted on Facebook:

He wrote, “The Verdict is out. I am ACQUITTED! I wish to thank Waheguru ji for keeping His eye on me, and all of you for your tremendous support. My friends and well-wishers made it possible.”

“Most of all, my mother who stood by me like a pillar. Her faith in me was the major driving force that made me see each day with courage. And of course, Shikha Khanduja Kaul who has guided me through this. She is like an elder sister I never had. The book she has written on my case will be out soon!”

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