Amritsar, Sep 23 (ANI): Sikhs from Afghanistan narrated horrific tales of religious persecution by Taliban and sought shelter in India.

Numbering just a few hundred in Kabul and a few dozen elsewhere, Afghanistan’s dwindling Sikh community complained of widespread discrimination from the overwhelming Muslim majority.

They can’t work freely, their children cannot go to schools and locals stone or spit on the men in the streets. Moreover, they can’t cremate their dead because Muslims regard the cremation of the dead as a sacrilege. An Afghanistan Sikh, Kulraj Singh, was abducted by Taliban for ransom and endured physical torture in their custody for 40 days.

The resurgence of the Taliban is making their lives worse: the highways are more dangerous with a new spate of suicide bombings and a resurgence of fundamentalist Islam is making their differences from Afghans more pronounced.

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