In a press release by the office of Afghanistan’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President assured Sikhs for their safety and remembered the history of the Sikhs in the country. The President focused his statement on the contribution of Sikh and Hindus in the country but forgot to mention the persecution faced by the 2 communities for the last 3 decades.

The Sikhs and Hindus have become victims of prejudice and hate whose civil and religious liberties have been grossly violated. The 2 communities have fled in record numbers and in many cases have died fleeing the country. The president talked about peace and unity but failed to mention the numerous atrocities being committed on the communities on a daily basis.

Sikhs and Hindus aren’t allowed to cremate the bodies of those who’ve passed away and unable to practice their religion freely. The two communities are marginalized in the country and have resorted to risking their lives by escaping.

The promise is fake unless crimes against Sikhs and Hindus in the country stop and security isn’t just assured by carried through. All promises are fake until there are results which prove otherwise.

Recently, a container on route to the UK carried several Sikhs and was inspected by port workers after loud screams were heard from inside. The port workers opened up the container and found 1 dead body.


Press release:

OFFICE OF PRESIDENT Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

President Ghani addressing the Hindu and Sikh countrymen: you have always contributed to national unity of the country.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met on the first day of Eid with the Hindu and Sikh countrymen, and congratulated them on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

In the meeting that took place, Ms. Anar Kali Honaryar, the representative of the Hindus in the Senate congratulated the President and people of Afghanistan on the occasion of Eid, and said that we also felicitate the security forces of the country on the occasion of Eid, and are supporters of our security and defense forces.

On behalf of the Hindus and Sikhs, Ms. Honaryar also voiced support for the government’s programs to improve people’s living condition and ensure peace in the country.

Then, the President said that our Hindu and Sikh countrymen have always contributed to the prosperity, well-being and defense of Afghanistan, and have been engaged in trading for more than a thousand years, which caused the Silk Road to pass through Afghanistan, and that the role of the Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan in this regard have augmented our historical heritage.

Addressing the Hindu and Sikh community in the country, the President said that you have always contributed to national unity and solidarity of the country, and you live all over Afghanistan from Khost to Balkh, and you have been a means to connecting people.

Thanking the Hindu and Sikh countrymen for their support of the security and defense forces as well as their good views on fighting corruption, the President said: I hope that your children shine like their ancestors in different areas, especially trade, and grow up to serve their country and people.

The President pointed out that serious measures will be taken to address the problems of the Hindu and Sikh countrymen.

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