Actress Taapsee Pannu Praises Indira Gandhi Says, “hats off to her, what a woman”

Bollywood Actress Taapsee Pannu in an interview with Rajeev Masand on the show ‘The Actresses Roundtable’ praised Indira Gandhi by stating “whatever her journey is, hats off to her, what a woman, what a woman.”

In prior interviews, Taapsee Pannu has recalled the 1984 horror her family faced in Delhi during the Sikh genocide and in this interview she is seen praising the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Tappsee Pannu faced a backlash in the past from the Sikh community over her comments on Sikh religious practices.

She states her comments at around 55:30 minutes in the video below.

Here are some of those comments from her in the past:

Taapsee Pannu went on a Twitter rant calling out what she thought was hypocrisy of Sikhs of banning smoking from a film but not speaking against tobacco and liquor problems in society. The rant started shortly after the producers of the film ‘Mammarzian’ decided to cut scenes showing Sikh characters smoking. The edit wasn’t approved by the director Anurag Kashyap or the actors.

The film actress expressed her unhappiness with the following tweets:

Here is some of her Twitter rant:

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