The producer of the film “Nanak Shah Fakir” Harinder Sikka maintained in all of his interviews that no one played the role of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the film but that has proved to be a lie.

An actor named Adil Hussain has revealed there was no animation used for Guru Nanak Dev Ji but instead an actual person played the role. The name of the actor is Harish Khanna a stage actor who Adil Hussain Says was his batch mate at the National School of Drama.

Harish Khanna

Adil Hussain told a reporter that he played the role of Rai Bullar in the film “Nanak Shah Fakir” and was offered a “bigger role” but he denied due to dates.

He was quoted the following in the Indian Express:

While Pannu(Director of Nanak Shah Fakir) has desisted from showing the saint’s face, he has cleverly used the silhouette and the hand of the actor who plays the role of Guru Nanak in the film. “Harish Khanna, my batch mate at National School of Drama, plays the role of Nanaksahab, but in the entire film, one can only see his silhouette, hand and hear his voice while giving sermons.”

Harrish Khanna graduated from the National School of Drama in 1993 with Adil Hussain. Harrinder Sikka tried to hide the actor because he knew there would be backlash when the Sikh community knew that there was no animation but an actual person who played the role. However, an actor from the film has revealed the truth.

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