A girl who was allegdly harassed on a traffic signal in Tilak Nagar took to social media to defame an innocent man.

The girl uploaded it on a social media platform and soon, the post went viral. Even Arvind Kejriwal tweeted about it.


A girl named Jasleen Kaur whose running for Delhi University Student’s Union and an active member of the Aam Aadmi Party accused a biker named Sarvajeet Singh of harassment.

Eyewitness holds accused Innocent

An eyewitness said the girl Jasleen Kaur is clearly telling a lie about the incident and that he was shocked of the account presented in the media. He said spoke out after media networks inaccurately portrayed a bias side of the story. The eyewitness was in line next to Sarvjeet with his wife who saw the entire incident play out in front of their eyes. He held the accused Sarvajeet Singh innocent and blamed the girl for fabricating a story to defame the man and to gain publicity.

The man was released by police after interrogation and he responded on Facebook:


Support for Sarvjeet Singh

There appears to be tremendous support for Sarvjeet Singh after many are stating he’s being setup by the girl for political mileage. Only the eyewitnesses can now tell what really happened. The eyewitness’s story is in line with Sarvjeet Singh’s account he posted on social network.

There is no doubt the Jasleen Kaur is running for Delhi University Student’s Union and an active member of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Also, there is no doubt that there was a disagreement among the two at the traffic signal as both their stories point towards that.

Several questions come to mind regarding this incident:

Did Jasleen Kaur accuse an innocent man just to gain publicity to win in the upcoming elections she’s contending in Delhi University Student’s Union?

Did she use her association with the Aam Aadmi Party to threaten the man  as he has claimed?

Why Arvind Kejrwal congratulated her before even the police were involved?


Sarvjeet Singh speaks Out

Delhi Police Gives Award Before Investigation

Delhi Police on Monday said that they have filed a case of eve-teasing in the Tilak Nagar Police Station on the basis of the victim’s (Jasleen) statement, adding that they will investigate the matter impartially.

But what is surprising is that Delhi Police awarded her ₹5000 for her ‘bravery’, even before investigating the case thoroughly. It speaks volume about the society we live in today.

The story till now raises a lot of questions:

1. Why was the girl awarded before the man was proven guilty?

2. Why did the man take so long to come out and tell his side of the story?

3. Why exactly is Arvind Kejriwal congratulating the girl for her bravery when we still don’t know if she is actually speaking the truth?

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