Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab affairs in-charge Sanjay Singh today rejected the allegation by Navjot Singh Sidhu that he was offered to be a decorative piece in AAP and not promised any seat.

“Sidhu had himself said that since it is the policy of AAP that no two persons from a family can contest elections, his wife should be given the ticket. I vividly remember his words ‘I am not so selfish to contest from my wife’s seat’,” he said.

Singh said he was shocked that all his political career Sidhu spoke against Akalis, but during his conference, he took on AAP. “It is unfortunate that AAP is fighting against the Badals and Sidhu turned against AAP,” he said.
“We don’t know why there is a change of mind as he had himself said that it was the order of Mahadev (Lord Shiva) that he would fight along with AAP against corruption to save Punjab. In this fight of dharma and adharma, he would be with AAP,” he said.

“Forming new fronts will only benefit the Badals. We will still welcome him if he wants to join us,” he said.

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