A picture of both of AAP’s Jarnail Singhs who are Delhi MLAs have been caught in controversy over the release of a book by controversial writer Gurcharan Singh. Gurcharan Singh openly condemns Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Bani and has vastly written against Sikh Code of Conduct in his books.


Many people on social media expressed frustration and disappointment over Jarnail Singh journalist posing with Gurcharan Singh while holding his new book. Jarnail Singh journalist is widely respected in the Sikh community for his dedication on Sikh causes. It’s unclear whether Jarnail Singh has endorsed the controversial book as no official comment from him as come out but raises eyebrows on whether he supports writings of Gurcharan Singh Jeonwala.

Sikhs on social media weren’t disappointed over the other Jarnail Singh as he’s known to support anti Dasam Granth preachers.

A person on social media posted the following message expressing his frustration:

“Everyone knows this Gurcharan Jionwala is a Dusht, no less than Narkdharis.
In his house Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Saroop is placed in a Locker like a book. He is not Amritdhari. He doesnt believe in existence of Aatma, Re-incarnation, Karam Sidhant ( A nastic to the core).

He is a sworn enemy of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurbaani and openly uses swear words against Baani.”

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