Several reports on social media surfaced on the exact amritdhari candidates by the AAP party. Numbers in the range of 15 to 40 floated on social networks. After careful look at the profiles of the AAP candidates, it’s been determined that 17 of them are Amritdhari which is the most by any party.

Some of the popular names include Jarnail Singh, Jagjot Singh Khalsa, and HS Phoolka.

The HuffPost-CVoter Pre-Poll survey reveals the AAP party would go onto win the Punjab Assembly elections with 63 seats of the total 117. The poll has the congress at 2nd position with 43 seats and the Akali-Dal BJP alliance with 11 seats. The surprising result from the poll is that AAP is projected to sweep the Malwa region with 40 seats.

A total of 19,417 people were polled with a margin of error of +- 5%.

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