Via Bhai Baldeeep Singh

After intense deliberations and consultations, Aam Aadmi Party gave requisite assurances to Vikram Singh Dhanaula that justice will be sought and at the earliest. Bhai Baldeep Singh reached Jantar Mantar at 3:30PM with the message from the CM-designate, Arvind Kejriwal’s office.


At about 4:30 PM, Somnath Bharti, AAP MLA from Malviya Nagar with whom Bhai Baldeep Singh along with Parminder Singh Gill had held a closed door meeting last night joined. Bhai Baldeep Singh and Mr. Bharti, after consulting with AAP head office over the phone, gave assurances in writing.
Photo courtesy Aam Aadmi Party.

Earlier Update:

Vikram Singh Dhanaula ends fast!
After discussions held by me with Vikram Singh Dhanaula over the last days, today the designate Delhi-CM, Arvind Kejriwal’s office gave the sought assurances to Vikram Singh Dhanaula via me, Bhai Baldeep Singh, and via newly elected Malviya Nagar MLA, Somnath Bharti, in writing that the designate Delhi Government upon taking charge of the administration will work hard to get the 1984 Anti-Sikh carnage guilty punished. And that, the SIT will be requested to handle this case on priority.

Both I and Mr. Bharti thanked him for his resilience and efforts in fighting for justice for the 1984 victims.

As desired by Vikram Singh Dhanaula, the Panj-Pyare were evoked and I was requested to represent the Panj-Pyare delegation, lead the Ardas and offer coconut water to Vikram Singh Dhanaula!
Dhan Gur-Sikhi! Dhan Gur-Sikh!
AAP Zindabad!
Inqalaab Zindabad!
Volunteer colleagues who were present:

Harminder Singh, Mahinder Pal Singh Daangarh, Baljit Singh Bablu, Iqbal Sungh Bhatti, Guraman Singh Khalsa, Parminder Singh Gill, Nisha and others.

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