AAJ Tak Hurts Sikh Sentiments Names Cricketers “Panj Pyare”

Despite a written complain by Ajmer Singh Randhawa before airing the show and approving the request to not air show titled “Panj Pyare” AAJ Tak still aired it.  Below is the message on Ajmer Singh Randhawa’s facebook page:

“I wonder if i am really living in India? I filed a complaint against AAJ TAK which was going to air a cricket show with title PANCH PYARE.
I tried to contact AAJ TAK but failed as my phone was not received by the channel and their email was not accepting emails.
I searched and found a link to complain. Without wasting any time, i filed my complaint to Mr. Punit jain and requested him to use his influence. Just read my complaint and the Action Taken Report. The AAJ TAK channel has changed its name. I feel obliged to shri Puneet jain for his prompt action.

Copy of my complaint :

Dear Mr. Puneet jain, I would like to bring in your kind notice that some TV channels deliberately air the programs to iiritate a community and their provocation causes disturbance on road and then the general public as well as the community suffers. Such a disrespective act is made by Aaj tak where they disrespect five beloved Sikhs who were created by 10th master of Sikh religion and after that the history of India was re-written by their glorious acts by their unexamplery vlor and martyrdom.
I hereby request you to kindly use your influence to stop this progame from being telecast to-day in the evening, I tried to make a call but my phone was not received at given contact number, even their email was not accepted by computer. Please do the needful and oblige.

Below is the copy of mail which i tried to mail to editor Aaj tak but unfortunately couldn’t be sent:

Mr. Editor.
Who has given you the right to defame holy panj pyare(five beloveds) of Sikh religion? Is it not a disrespect of these martyrs by calling the false characters who are sold outs just for couple of rupees? Is your this act of giving pious name of five beloveds to these jokers not a blasphemy act and a provoking act to Sikh community? Why do you want to harm the peace and harmony in India, are you paid for any political party as it’s well known fact that you media people in India work for money only?

I am sending this mail, i am not scared if you go and file a police report against me but i request you please do not play with our religious sentiments. It’s enough now otherwise it’s results shall never be good for this nation and you biased people.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.
New Delhi.


Dr. Puneet Jain
4:43 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Dear Mr. Singh,

TV Today Network Limited (TVTN) is in receipt of your mail below to which this communiqué is being issued in response. At the outset, TVTN would like to clarify that the name of the program on the cricketers was not intended to hurt the religious sentiments of any community, and incase it has, then TVTN regrets the same.

TVTN also takes this opportunity to thank you for your mail and we are pleased to inform you that pursuant to your having brought the matter to our attention, the name of the program has been changed.

TVTN sincerely hopes that the above response is to your satisfaction and we look forward to hearing from you again.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Puneet Jain
Head Legal & Compliances and Company Secretary & Vice President- Internal Audit

TV Today Network Ltd.
India Today Mediaplex
FC 8, Sec. 16 A, Film City
Noida 201301
Tel: +91 120 4807100”

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