A restaurant run by Israelis has denied entry to Indians in Himachal Pradesh.


After the news broke, people expressed outrage:

“So, some Israelis have set up a cafe called Free Kasaul in Kasaul, and deny Indians admission. Our friend was denied entry but her friend, who is white, could walk right in. The Israelis, who strip search you when you land in their country, and have created ghetto colonies, and come here to seek nirvana, and behave as if this is their fiefdom and this they do in the name of old hippie culture …
You see, nirvana isn’t for you. You are just too trapped in the matrix of your own segregation. Besides, how did they even get permission to run such a cafe here?
Kasaul, Himachal Pradesh”

A person who went to dine at the restaurant with an Indian stated:

“This restaurant in Kasol is called ‘Free Kasol’. The freak asshole who runs it refuses to serve Indians. I walked in there with Ritika yesterday afternoon. They would not give her a menu claiming it was a ‘members only’ cafe. The owner did not realise we were together, I then asked for the menu and he duly obliged. I pulled him up about his claim that it was members only and he decided to stick to this yarn. Conversation went like this. “Why did you give me the menu then?” I asked him. “Because you asked to see it”. “So once I had looked at it I would not have been able to place an order?” “That’s right” he answered. Obviously we were not convinced by the owner’s explanation so asked a few puzzled looking diners if they had to show a membership card to walk into this cafe. Of course none of them had to do any such thing. I confronted the owner and accused him of blatant discrimination, he then tried to shoo me out and claimed loudly “it is my cafe and can do what I want!” We weren’t prepared to leave under these circumstances and made it clear to the exclusively white and predominantly Israeli clientele that the owner was operating a form of apartheid in his cafe. They continued supping tea and eating schnitzels.

It transpired that the owner is in fact Indian and has visited Israel every year for the past 15 years. His explanation for excluding a customer based purely on her ethnicity was that he ‘was in a bad mood’.”

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