The Sadbhavna Rally took place in Bathinda which is being termed as the first Rally to “promote Peace and harmony in the state” by SAD Badal. There are mixed reports of the crowd size at the rally. The aerial view provides a perspective of the crowd size at the rally.

While the Tribune put figures at 50,000 people, the PTC Punjabi channel has put figures at 2-2.5 Lakh people.

Some of the key points discussed the rally were:

-To Promote Peace and Harmony in the state
-Challenge to Congress to hold similar rally with crowd size
-Sukhbir Badal called Arvind Kejriwal “Topi wala Leader”
-Sukhbir Badal Said, “We will rule for 25 years”
-Badals appealed to opposition leaders to not play with fire
-Those spreading hate are not Panthic

Badal Rally Crowd by dailysikhupdates

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