A Belgium Doctor’s PHD on Sacrifice of Sikh Soldiers

The Belgium doctor John More did his P. H. D on the sacrifice of Sikhs for the freedom of belgium. In the thesis, the sacrifice of Sikh soldiers has been presented in a very hearty Vedic way. After feeling this sacrifice, tears start flowing from everyone’s eyes and the sister itself bows down.

The fearlessness and sacrifices shown by the 47th Sikh Regiment in Lahore and Meerut divisions especially for the sake of Belgium freedom are refreshed every year on November 15.

Nagar Kirtan organized by Sikhs on this Independence Day (sikhs parade day) pays tribute to the Queen of England Elizabeth who sacrificed their lives for independence when it reaches the Menon Gate.

At that time, Manon Gate echoes with the chants of ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’. The names of the soldiers martyred at the Menon Gate are marked in golden letters.

You can see in the picture. During this freedom war, 352 out of 444 Sikh soldiers of the 47th Sikh Regiment were martyred.The cemetery of Eper (Belgium) has beautiful graves of these martyred soldiers which can be seen in the picture.

‘Sri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh’ is engraved in thick letters on these graves. A total of 34522 Sikh soldiers received martyrdom in the West Morcha (France and Belgium) of the First World War.In addition, around 45960 Sikh soldiers were buried in Italy, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Africa etc. In this way, in the second world war, 82005 Sikh soldiers were martyred.