Sikhs Worldwide Condemn Bhai Ajnala’s Divisive Speech

A shocking speech by Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala has caused worldwide outrage among Sikhs. The extremely divisive speech by a man declared as a “Jathedar” has shocked many.

In his speech, Bhai Ajnala called Bhai Dhadrianwale a “Coward” who ran away from the attack on him. He levelled the Dhumma group along with Bhai Dhadrianwale as “Government Saints”. He condemn the act of Dhumma’s supporters as anti-Sikh but also spoke negative of Bhai Dhadrianwale.

The hateful speech by Bhai Ajnala has received a strong reaction by Sikhs as it incites violence. Sikhs around the world have condemned the speech.

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