Sikhs, How do you know God exists through your Scriptures?

God, the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe, according to Sikhi needs no proof of His existence. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. In addition to world prophets and true saints countless people have had God’s vision, and innumerable people have had an encounter with Him in their mystical and religious experiences. God has met many, has spoken to many and has nursed many. He is always there when people need His help, and call Him from the depth of their hearts.

The true prayers are always answered by Him. He is the greatest of the great, the most perfect, invincible and unfathomable Master. He is benevolent, merciful and most lovable friend. He is just, impartial and blameless Judge, so is his divine court and eternal laws.

Guru Nanak experienced God. In unequivocal terms, the Guru said after his return from the river that there was only one God of the whole universe2, He is the Creator, devoid of fear, free of enmity, unborn and beyond death. God has been here before the start of the time, was there when time started, is there to regulate life & time, and will be there when the new round of time will start3. Though He created the universe, but He himself is uncaused (self illuminated4).

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