Indian Woman’s Newborn Dies After She Was Gangraped

A news story has gone viral of a woman who was gangraped by several men which ended up taking the life of her newborn. The tragic story follows a rape story where the woman was set on fire after being brutally raped and beaten. A horrifying statistic revealed that a woman gets raped in Delhi after 18hrs.

The suspects were taken into custody and charged.

A comment on NowThis received tremendous attention:

“Indian women don’t live, we survive…
Surviving under the constant threat of being raped, no matter where we are; school, college, work place…
Young girls aged about 10 are raped by an uncle and the victim’s father does nothing….

Even the some politicians here in India believe that the girl who is raped is responsible, because men will be men…
What can be worse?

Indian Woman's Newborn Baby Died While She Was Being Gang Raped

An Indian woman’s newborn baby died while she was being gang raped

Posted by NowThis on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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