Hindu Man’s Must Read Praise For Sikhs

A Hindu man posted on his Facebook on why he has respect for the Sikh community.

I have deep respect to Sikhism. Why??? and Many things we have to learn from Sikhism.



a. I have never seen any Sikh beggar in my life , he or she may b handicraft.

b. Great hard worker and some one said , If any one throw Many persons to deep Pacific Ocean, only a Sardar not only can recover himself also can reach at apex of Everest.

c. They are very specific on their religion. But for their tradition or ritual no one disturbed even All Sikhism has given the path of masculine guidance and approach for how to survive with Great Esteem at any circumstances.

d. Sikhism Never protest any things , which is good for civilization and Culture and for our kind information Guru Tegbahdurji never bend his head in front of Aurangzeb for saving Hinduism rather sacrificed his life. So He is highly respected not only for Sikhism, rather for all Hindus.

e. For Sovereignty of this Nation. there is no word to pay gratitude to Sardars. But sorry to say , in spite less than 10% of Indian population they never desire to get minority certificate. for what the polluted politics is going on in Indian Politics.
and 1984 is the a great black year for all Hindustani as we never save our Sikh brothers.

f. Sardar Bhagat Singh , Uddam Singh are two great hero , and great Hero of Indian History . For every patriot both are great Inspiration.

g. Many of us know a film 300. But less are know about battle of Sargahri of 1897. Where only 21 Sikhs sardar was dominated on 21000 Afgan soldiers.

h. Canada is one of the d developed country , where the contribution of Sardar is very High.
I . And on base of these advantage, I can say With out Sardar , Hindustan Bekar.
bole So Nihal , Sat shri Akal.

Via:Shri Manoranjan Mishra

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