African Students Can’t Believe Sikhi is So Amazing and Beautiful

Basics of Sikhi Parcharak Bhai Jagraj Singh is came across 2 Africans students in Bangalore who were very keen to learn about Sikhi. The 2 Africans learnt quite a bit about Sikhi in only 30 minutes. The street parchar with the 2 students might be one of the most concise yet knowledgeable parchar anyone has done so far.

Bhai Jagraj Singh covered the main points of their Basics of Sikhi SAFE Leaflet which is among the greatest Sikh Awareness leaflets ever created.

Here are some of the things the two students learnt about Sikhi.

They learned the eternal Guru of the Sikhs is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji



They learned how and why the Panj Piyare came about and the importance in Sikhi and decision making.





The meaning behind the four entrances of Sri Harmandar Sahib


Global Mission of Sikhi



Literal meaning of Wahe Guru and actual meaning of Wahe Guru



Message of Sikhi



Meaning of Humility in Sikhi



Charity in Sikhi



Concept of Langar



Knowledge on Sri Harmandar Sahib



Concept of Equality and Langar



The importance of connecting to the one



How Sikh Gurus abolished the Caste System and taught all of the human race to be equal




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