(Calgary) On March 16th at approximately 1:15pm Mr. Harjit Singh Rai, age 89, was attacked in the parking lot at 5401 Temple Dr NE, Calgary. This was an unprovoked assault.

Mr. Harjit Singh Rai was pushed repeatedly until he fell to the ground. The fall caused injury to Mr. Rai and also knocked his turban from his head. Mr. Rai was then taken to the hospital where his injuries were treated and he is now recuperating at home.

The assailant has been arrested because of the quick response of the Calgary police. Mr. Suritam Rai, the victim’s son, said “After deep reflection the family has concluded my father was attacked because he was Sikh.”

Conclusion is based on:

A) Mr. Rai has never known the assailant.
B) There was no apparent issue in parking lot.
C) No one else was attacked.
D) Mr. Rai was wearing a turban and as such is a visible minority

Hon. Deepak Obhrai has known Mr. Rai, a local businessman and a respected citizen of Alberta, for many years. His work has garnered numerous awards in the province of Alberta.

Hon. Obhrai said “It is very sad and disappointing that a respected man like Mr. Rai was attacked because he is a Sikh. This incident shows that intolerance and hate ideology is prevalent and is present in our city and community. All Hate Crimes must be exposed and highlighted, so we can address this issue,” concluded Hon. Obhrai.
Sikhs have been an integral part of Canada’s history, as well as strong contributors to our society and economy. Mr. Obhrai condemns this act of violence and all forms of hate towards any community, and that like all Canadians, the Sikhs deserve full respect.

Canadian Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Singh Sohi expressed his disappointment

The attack is the second following the anti-Sikh media campaign on behalf of the Canadian media:

Canadians spoke out on the incident:

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