9 Censor Board Members Resign After Corruption and “MSG” Approval

Major developments after the chief of the Censor Board Leela Samson resigned after stated corruption as the parent cause. The resignation has caused 8 more members to resign from the board. As of now, 9 total members of the 23 have resigned in just the last 24 hours.

The chief of the censor board has stated on every film there is pressure coming from the outside on the decision making of an autonomous board. The tipping point came when the approval was given by the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal for the film MSG “Messenger of God”.

The following members have resigned academic Ira Bhasker, AICC secretary (Hindi dept) Pankaj Sharma, TV journo Rajeev Masand, film actor Arundhati Nag, filmmaker Shahji Karun, theatre personality M K Raina, TV producer Nikhil Alva and Lora K Prabhu.

The board has had other issues such as lack of funds, involvement of political members on the board, and corruption.

The film “MSG” was rejected twice, first by the examining committee and then by the seven member review panel.

The board members felt the film wold cause disharmony within the society. All 7 members of the review panel denied the film citing the film can not promote superstition and obscurantism.

The board member stated that there is no point of censor board if the I&B Ministry is going to approve films and they should take on the world of the censor board.

Board members felt they had to move on as it was a “frustrating experience’ and the ability for the board to function had been compromised.

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