The following are 9 atrocities and betrayals by the British Government committed against the Sikhs.

1) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 1919


Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, involved the killing of hundreds of unarmed, defenseless Indians by a senior British military officer, which took place on 13 April 1919 in the heart of Amritsar, the holiest city of the Sikhs, on a day sacred to them as the birth anniversary of the Khalsa (Vaisakhi day). 1300 Punjabi’s were assembled in the Bagh, out of 1300, 799 Sikhs attained martyrdom, while the remaining 501 were either Hindu, and Muslim, etc, who also gave their lives for freedom.

2) British role in Saka Nankana 1922


Saka Nankana was a peaceful agitation by Sikhs to take over the Gurdwara Sahib which was historic as it was the birthplace of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Mahant hired over 400 goons and turned the Gurdwara Sahib into a fort to kill innocent Sikhs. Sikhs were brutally tortured and killed by the Mahant in one of the bloodiest events in Sikh history.

British government assisted Mahant Narain Das by providing guns, pistols and ammunition and putting a blind eye to the preparations and plans of the Mahant to kill Sikhs. Around 200 Sikhs became martyrs in Saka Nankana Sahib and eventually the Gurdwara Sahib was freed.

3) British Torture and Arrest Thousands During Saka Guru Ka Bagh 1922


Saka Guru Ka Bagh occurred after a Mahant Sundar Das refused to handover a property belonging to the Gurdwara taken over the SGPC. The Sikhs wanted to cut firewood from the Gurdwara property but the Mahant objected that led to agitation. The police, willing to oblige the Mahant, arrested on August 9, 1922, five Sikhs on charges of trespass. These arrests were made not on Sundar Das’ complaint, but on a confidential report received by the police.

Thousands of Sikhs arrived at the Gurdwara and that’s when the British started to terrorize the reformers by beating them, ripping their turbans off and dragging them by the hair, and torturing them with their batons.

Everyday Sikhs by the thousands arrived according to Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee records, 5,605 Sikhs went to jail.

4) British take Revenge Against Sikh Prince of Nabha 1924



Jaito Da Morcha occurred after the Maharaja of Nabha was removed from his throne by supporting the Akalis who were launching various morchas to free Gurdwaras and campaigning for Independence.

The British removed the Maharaja which upset Akalis causing the SGPC to protest against the decision. Many Sikh Jathas led marches to the Nabha territory and that’s when the police started arresting countless Sikhs.

The NY Times reported:

S. Zimand, a New York Times correspondent who witnessed the jalhd on the march, observed: “The Jatha was moving in perfect order and nonviolence with large crowds of public on its right and left, five Nishan Sahibs in the front and Guru Granth in the middle.” On 20 February 1924, the jalhd reached Bargari, a village on Nabha Faridkot border, barely 10 km from Jaito. AtJaito, about 150 metres from Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib, stood the Nabha administrator, Wilson Johnston, with a large force of state constabulary. On 21 February, the jathd marched on towards the Gurdwara, refusing to stop or disperse as demanded by Wilson Johnston.The administrator ordered the army to open fire, In two volleys of fire lasting about five minutes, several fell dead.

The official estimate of the casualties was 19 dead and 29 injured. The Akali figures were much higher. The firing on the peaceful jathd of Akalis caused resentment throughout the country. On 28 February 1924, another 500strong ShahldT jathd left Amritsar for Jaito where it was taken into custody on 14 March. Thirteen more 500 strong jalhds reached Jaito and courted arrest.

5) Plan to Auction Sri Harmandir Sahib 1877


The British had planned to auction Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1877 but a miracle prevented this from occurring. Read more about it here: British Plan to Auction Sri Harmandir Sahib.

6) Christian Missionary Center and Jail Across Sri Harmandir Sahib See More: British Set Up a Jail Across Sri Harmandir Sahib


The British invaded the buildings around the parikarma and the invasion was a direct attack on the spirituality of Sri Harmandir Sahib. They would convert Sikhs to Christianity directly across the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs a ruthless stand on religious sensitivity by the British.

After a Christian Missionary center, the British then converted the building into a prison, a court room, and police station during 1890. The prison remained for many years until the Singh Sabha Lehar started and Sikhs became aware of their faith. The Akalis started agitations all through Punjab and finally in 1920 Sikhs were able to gain control of Sri Harmandir Sahib by British appointed mahants.


7) British Stole Keys to the Treasury of Sri Harmandir Sahib known as Chabhian Da Morcha


When the British stole the keys to the treasury of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. See More: British Stole Keys to the Treasury of Sri Harmandir Sahib

8) Destruction of Sikh literature which was first revealed by a British Author in 1881

The British burnt Sikh literature and tried to destroy the warrior spirit of Sikhs. See More Here: Punjab Once the Most Educated Place in the World

9) British Involvement in the 1984 Attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib


The British sent SAS agents to Sri Harmandir Sahib to plan out an attack on the complex with the Indian Army. The information was leaked by a researcher after the British Govt released papers under the 30 year declassification rule.



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