81 Year Old Sikh Man Feeds Over 1 Million Meals

Millions of migrant workers throughout India have struggled to reach their homes during the lockdown causing distress. An 81 year old man Baba Karnail Singh Khaira took it upon himself to feed millions passing by on the highway located in Yavatmal, Maharashtra.

The man chose one of the most isolated locations where migrant workers were not able to find food anywhere nearby. The location was the only place in 450km in every direction where food was available. The act of kindness has restored faith in humanity once again.

The man has provided food for over 2 months and he told the media that it is ‘Guru Ka Langar.’ The man was able to form a team of 17 people where 11 cooked and 6 served the food around the clock.

The Sikh man said over 1 million were fed and he went a step further by feeding around 250 dogs, cats, stray cattle and other animals.

Despite blistering heat, the man says it’s due to Wahe Guru that he continues to be motivated and carry on the selfless service.

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