80 Year Old Woman Who Came Under Attack by Kangana Given Gold Medal

New Delhi: The agitation of farmers against agricultural laws is intensifying. Meanwhile, 80-year-old Mohinder Kaur from Bathinda, who joined the farmers’ movement, was honored with a pure gold medal.

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Let it be known that this Bibi Kangana has come in the headlines from Ranaut’s tweet. From New Zealand, the Sikh Supreme Society and the New Zealand Kabaddi Federation saluted Mahinder Kaur’s passion for the peasant movement and sent her a gold medal to her village.

It may be recalled that on a photo of Mohinder Kaur yesterday, Kangana had tweeted, “In Punjab, those who do such work can be found for Rs 100-100.” After this, the whole Punjab fell behind Kangana on social media. Kangana had deleted her tweet after seeing the controversy escalate.

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