Harman Singh shares 8 reasons for why Guru Gobind singh ji kept a baaj (hawk/falcon), whilst in the UK for the December Basics & Beyond UK Camp 2016.

Chitta Baz, (White Falcon), is traditionally the name given to one of Guru Gobind Singh`s favourite falcons that he would carry perched on his hand when going out for on a Shikar (hunt) or for some falconry. This image of the Guru the white falcon resting upon his right hand has survived in folklore and in portraiture, and he is known to this day as chittian bajanvala, Master of the White Hawk.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth master of the Sikhs, has had many titles bestowed upon him, one of the most beautiful was ‘Chittay baaja wala” or Chittian Bajanvala), the keeper of the white falcon. To infuse his Sikhs with worth and valour the Tenth Guru conducted his affairs as a Emperor, infact another title for Guru Gobind Singh Ji is “shah–hay–shehanshah”, the Shah (King) of all Shahs.

Guru Ji held darbar (court) where he met with Rajas and emperors as well as the poor and needy. Guru Ji conducted his affairs fully armed (shastardhari) and sat on the Takhat (Throne). The image of Guru Ji with a sword, a quiver of arrows and his shield draped at his side, with a Kalgi (royal plume) decorating his turban while holding the white bird of prey is a very potent image; one that is etched into the minds of all devoted Sikhs.

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