$7,000 Worth of Property Robbed From Gurdwara in USA (Video)

A robbery took place in a Gurdwara in the City of Jacksonville, Florida. The robber took nearly $7,000 worth of valuable property belonging to the Gurdwara Sahib. The local sangat is appealing to he community to help find the robber. Sikh Society of North East Florida’s temple are saying the power was shut off which stopped surveillance cameras from recording.

The crime was still proven as 2 flag screen Tvs, items from prayer room, and other valuables were documented that had gone missing. Besides the valuable, the golak was taken which had around $600 in cash.

The committee members are saying the robber must have been there before as he knew where and what to look for. The suspect escaped from a side door and cameras only caught him initially walking into the electrical box room.

The sangat is disappointed as it happened at a place of worship where people come for peace of mind and this robber vandalized the place.


Via Action New Jax

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