7 Year Old Girl Rescued Kids From Burning School Van

4 School children tragically died by being burnt alive when their school van caught on fire at Longowal in district Sangrur.

The incident led to the death of four children while the other 8 were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. The driver fled from the scene before pulling out some of the children from the burning bus and three of children belonged to one family. A 7 year old girl pulled out the remaining children while the driver fled from the scene.

The school van was powered on LPG gas which is illegal in the state of Punjab to be used for the transportation of school children. The school van failed the guidelines of the Supreme Court orders on safety guidelines on school vans. The van was allegedly purchased from used van place that had condemned the van as it wasn’t safe on the roads. Reports have indicated the van was from the year 1990.

The name of the school was stated to be Simran Public School which is located in Longowal.

A 2.5 year old girl died in the incident who was going to school for the first time and two other children belonged to the same family.

Captain Amarinder Singh announced a magisterial probe and vowed to take strict action against the school administration.

AAP MLA Bhagwant Mann and Sunam’s MLA Aman Arora reached the site of the accident. The locals protested at the spot of the accident and prevented the bodies to be taken. The protestors asked for 50 lakh in compensation to the families and 20 lakh to the injured.

Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted:

He said in a tweet: “Very sad to learn of the news from Sangrur, where we lost 4 children because their school van caught fire. Injured have been rushed to the hospital. DC & SSP Sangrur are on the spot & I have ordered a magisterial enquiry. Guilty will be strictly punished”.

News report:

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Posted by News18 Punjab on Saturday, February 15, 2020

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