(DSU News Bureau) 7 people were arrested in a raid at Gurdwara Southall in London, UK. The UK Border agency stated the arrests were made on April 30, 2015.

On Bakensfield Road, 5 Indian origin people were taken into custody by immigration agents. 2 of the people were aged 26 while the rest were 32, 50, and 59 respectfully.

The immigration officials took into custody 2 people aged 29 and 35 at Hemand Road for violating immigration rules and regulations.

The officials have stated the process of deportation has been started and procedures would be followed to deport the arrested illegal immigration.

The 2 houses that were raided belong to the Southall Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. The Gurdwara committee members have stated the persons had stayed at the house before there takeover of the Gurdwara.

In response to the arrests, the Gurdwara committee said, “All employees who had no right to work were given their P45s last month after HMRC checks were conducted.”

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