62 Year Old Women Tased By Tallahassee USA Police 093014 Incident

62 Year Old Women Tased By Tallahassee Police… by dailysikhupdates

Officer Terry Mahan of the Tallahassee Police Department is on paid leave and under investigation after tasing a 62 year old Viola Young in the back on Tuesday, causing her to fall face first onto the pavement.

The incident was captured on video by concerned residents.

Police had detained three people when Viola Young “approached the police car inquiring about one of the individuals arrested,” according to the police statement.

“An officer advised her to stay back, and a second officer approached Young and attempted to place her under arrest,” the report continuess

In the video we see an off kilter cop screaming at Young telling her that if she “gets involved she will be going in the back of the cop car”, she begins walking away, as she was ordered to do. As she’s walking away, Officer Mahan follows after and grabs her arm to detain her, for seemingly no reason.

Of course, Young should not have resisted, but when a police officer is trying to kidnap you for simply being at a location and asking questions, its easy to see why someone would attempt to walk away.

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