6 Year Old Gangraped by Grandfather and Grandson in Tanda Hoshiarpur, Body Burned After Killing

A grandfather and his grandson from Tanda, Hoshiarpur village Jalalpur gangraped a 6 year old girl of the village. The mother told the media that she looked for her daughter and could not locate her anywhere.

Arrested man

A man identified as Surjeet Singh age 19 picked up the 6 year old from her house. Relatives of the family stated he would pass by the house frequently over the last month and had attempted to pick up the girl earlier in the month.

The 19 year old lured the girl by offering the girl a biscuit. The girl was later burned in a cloth and found by villagers.

Captain Amrinder Singh tweeted on the issue:

Here is the video of the incident:


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