6 Nihangs Injured in Firing Between Damdami Taksal and Tarna Dal

Media Sources have reported that a clash between Misal Shaheedan Tarna Dal and Damdami Taksal took place at Mehta Chowk.

The conflict according to sources took place after Tarna Dal’s cattle went into the fields of Damdami Taksal and damaged the paddy crop. The Tarna Dal members say they were attacked at about 4pm by the Taksal group.

Misal Shaheedan Tarna Dal representative told media outlets that six nihangs were injured after Taksal members climbed on the rooftops with guns and pelted stones at them.

According to Hindustan Times:

Five of the injured were admitted to Guru Nanak Dev Hospital here, while one was in another hospital. Those injured have been identified as Manpreet Singh (21) and Sukhdeep Singh (21) of Udhonangal village; Jagtar Singh (32), Ranjit Singh (19) and Vijay Singh (18) of Mehta village; and Sukhman Singh (22) of Kuhar village, said Panthjit Singh, who had also sustained minor injury on his arm.

The Tarna Dal representative Bau Singh stated the cows did not enter the Taksal owned fields.

Other sources told media outlets that the Nihangs pelted stones back at the Taksal members.

Jandiala DSP told Hindustan Times that the Nihang group members were not in possession of any fire arms.

A video of the incident was published on social media:

A video of the same incident appeared on social media:

KTV published the following videos on the incident:

An Update on the situation from KTV:

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