50 Percent of Deaths of Sikhs in UK Town Due to Coronavirus

UK Sikh groups The Sikh Network, Sikh Council UK, and the Sikh Federation UK have stated that half of the Sikh deaths in the UK in the last few nights were due to the Coronavirus.

The groups collected information from the local Gurdwaras and funeral homes and have reached out to the government over the alarming matter.

In recent days, the PM’s Office has issued an investigation on why the ethnic minorities are suffering the most from the illness. The groups stated that 47 percent of the Sikh deaths occurred in the West Midland region due to the coronavirus.

Bhai Amrik Singh of the Sikh Federation told the Birmingham Mail:

Bhai Amrik Singh, the chairman of the Sikh Federation (UK), said: “Specific health vulnerabilities have been reported by leading medical journals about people of Sikh background i.e. diabetes, heart conditions, etc.

“Therefore, the inquiry looking at ethnicity should examine if public bodies and decision makers provided timely and appropriate advice to those at greatest risk.

“We hope the NHS and Public Health England that are leading the inquiry will reach out from the outset to us and other ethnic minority groups that best understand the combination of age, medical condition, social habits, religious practices and extended families.”

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