50 Foot Flood Waters Recede, Gurdwara Receives Major Damages

Gurdwara Sahib in Malaysia was under 50 Feet of water and the flood waters have finally receded.

The historic floods in Malaysia had caused the historic 80 year old Gurdwara Sahib in city Kuala Krai to be submerged 50 feet under water.
The flood hit a number of cities in Malaysia and Gurdwara council of Malaysia has sent relief to the area and Gurdwara Sahib.

A person inside the gurdwara reported saying the water level rose very fast and by night time nothing could be done as levels had risen very high. He managed to get a boat to rescue him and others who were in the Gurdwara. The 2 other Gurdwaras are 70KM from this one and are in risk of being flooded but currently are safe.

The relief efforts are underway and most probably the Gurdwara Sahib would have to be rebuilt as it’s received considerable amount of damage.

Gurdwara Kuala Krai4

Gurdwara Kuala Krai3

Gurdwara Kuala Krai2

Gurdwara Kuala Krai




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