5 Ways SGPC Has Let Sikhs Down

This post has been Guest written by Manjit Singh

It is often said that the SGPC’s budget(which is well over 800 Crore) is more than budgets of some foreign countries. SGPC has immense resources and yet still they have failed to produce different forms of media to educate the youth. Charitable groups who have less than 1% of SGPC’s resources have produced comic books, animated visual films, educational films and other media forms to educate. SGPC was founded during one of the most turbulent times in Sikh History. The reform movement was crucial in taking over Sikh Gurudwaras from Mahants and a tremendous amount of blood was spilled to make that happen.

Many feel the immense resources of the SGPC have not been used efficiently and Sikhi parchar has been slow. So in what ways has the SGPC let Sikh Down?

1) No production of any extensive research on Sikh History.

2) Failed to increase Sikhi Parchar outside of Gururdwaras and thus parchar hasn’t reached Non-Sikhs in India and have failed to counter anti sikh campaigns of anti Sikh groups.

3) If SGPC’s resources were used efficiently then there should have been a Sikhi School in every major country.

4) Absolutely no awareness campaigns sponored by SGPC in foreign countries.

5) Failed to support 1984 Genocide Victims and many Shaheed Families.

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