Fantasy film ‘Sardar Ji’ starring Diljit Dosanjh is on its way to become one of the biggest blockbuster Punjabi films of all time after recording the largest opening in Punjabi film Industry’s history. The film can be described as a comedy filled with suspense.

A Punjabi movie goer whose out to have a good time will watch this film and come out entertained. The story does have flaws and mediocre acting of some junior actors but the film isn’t a complete disappointment for it’s audience.

However, the role of the main lead is of a Sikh and so we must criticize if there are any objections so that future roles can be better.

Here are five things that are seriously wrong with Film ‘Sardar Ji.’

1) Showing a person looking like a Sikh capturing ghosts

For further insight Here is a video which explains about ghosts and Sikhi

2) The use of the word “Bhaiye”  in the film Sardar Ji.

It is pure racism calling a person from Bihar a ‘Bhaiye.’  In the entire film, the lead actor yells about being called Sardar instead of ‘Sardar Ji’ but has no respect for a person from Bihar or UP. It is particularly disturbing because Bihari brothers are disrespected and aren’t treated with respect in Punjab.

If a man doesn’t like to be called Sardar than he must have courage to not say ‘Bhaiye’ also.

We get upset when Bollywood disrespects Sikhs but we must not ignore when Punjabi films do the same. We need to stop being hypocrites.

3) Dis-respect to the word ‘Sardar Ji’.

Communities in India and outside know about the valiant and courageous efforts of Sikhs in history. The term ‘Sardar Ji’ has immense history because it was used to describe people who made a positive difference in society.

Sardars were people who committed selfless service and protected the rights of others. These Sardars sacrificed their life so that others can have freedom and hence the term became ‘Sardar Ji.’ They rescued thousands of captured women from Abdali who would have otherwise been sold in the markets of Afghanistan.

There are countless stories of woman who are noted saying they feel most safe around a Sardar because they know a Sikh won’t do anything wrong but instead protect them.

After Sikh soldiers liberated Bangladesh in 1971, they found thousands of women abandoned and naked. The Sikh soldiers took of their turbans and covered the naked woman and brought them back to their villages safely despite having orders to leave sooner.

4) Title Song ‘Sardar Ji’ has nothing to do with character of Sardar.

Watch these two songs and decide for yourself which represents a Sardar more? Fashion or Courage?

How should Sardars be known in the future? Which message do we want our young generations to know about? That a Sardar who wears the latest fashion trends is a Sardar or Sardars are those people who stand up against persecution and injustice

Decide For yourself After watching the 2 Songs: RDB Sardar Ji Vs Diljit Dosanjh Sardar Ji


5) Several scenes in the film cause defamed the character of a Sardar. Director used title of ‘Sardars’ to capitalize on the Punjabi audience. The film has absolutely nothing to do with Sardars


1) When Diljit Dosanjh brings a band headed by a Sikh into the ‘ghost’ building.

2) Opening scene of hitting a person for not calling the character ‘Sardar Ji’

3) Showing a Sardar Can’t think unless he drinks alcohol. 

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