5 Sikh Lawyers You Must Know About ( 2 Amar Singh Chahal)

2) Amar Singh Chahal
Amar Singh Chahal,Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court and Senior member of Lawyers For Human Rights International, Chandigarh has defended thousands of victims of state repression in Punjab during 1984-2009.

amar singh chahal

HE was born on 4 June 1944 in village Kaleke in District Amritsar. He is the younger son of his parents. He is a self-made man who himself wrote his destiny. He paved his way through the thorns.

In 1960, after completing his graduation he left his village and came to Chandigarh where he got employed. In the morning, he performed his duties and studied law in the evening. Hailing from a peasant’s family, he was not financially sound. He burnt midnight oil and completed his law in1970. Thereafter he left the job, joined the legal profession, and started practicing law in the district Courts, Chandigarh.

From there, he did not look behind and progressed rapidly. Today his hard work and dedication to the profession and expertise over criminal law have brought him laurels in the legal circle. He got the privilege to head the District Bar Association, Chandigarh.

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