5 Sikh Basketball Players Who Are Making Some Noise

The Bhullar Brothers: Sim and Tanveer Bhullar

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The Bhullar brothers are more than big bodies who take up space in the paint, swat away a few shots and draw stares and photo requests everywhere they go. As their talents grow and their bodies become better-trained, the expectations mount on their towering frames.

Sim, 21, and Tanveer, 19, may be on track to become the first players of Indian descent to make it to the NBA – which could resonate dramatically in the South Asia nation of more than 1.2 billion.

The older Bhullar brother, standing a titanic 7-foot-5 with a wingspan of 7-foot-11, is in his sophomore season for the Aggies. Not only can he dunk and swat away opposing shots with ease, but he’s a rebounding force and major scoring contributor for the team which faces fourth-seeded San Diego State on Thursday.

Sim earned the Western Athletic Conference freshman of the year award last season, helped lead his team to the conference tournament title two years running, and has twice won that tournament’s MVP award.

sim bhullar

Tanveer, 7-foot-3, is a red-shirt freshman this season, practising but not competing in order to preserve an extra year of college eligibility.

Darsh Singh The First Turbaned Singh Basketball Player in the NCAA.

Recently, Darsh was honored by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center at its “Beyond Bollywood’ exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., showcasing how Indian Americans have shaped the nation. The jersey that Darsh Singh wore at Trinity University was on display.


Satnaam Singh Bhamra

Satnam Singh stands 7-feet-1, wears a size 19 shoe, and is likely to grow taller because he is just 18-years old.

Dipanjot Singh
The first Sikh player to play for a Canadian Basketball Team:

Dipanjot graduated and with one year of eligibility left took his talents to the University of Mass at Lowell (an NCAA Division II powerhouse), where he would lead them in to the NCAA tournament and work on his Post Grad Degree under head coach Greg Herenda.

dipanjot singh
For his part, the humble Singh, puts it this way, “I’m blessed to play professional basketball with the Brampton A’s franchise in my rookie year. I am thankful for Coach David Magley for finding me and giving me this opportunity. I am grateful to the owner James Tipping and everyone in the Brampton A’s organization. My childhood dream was to play professional basketball and it has come true, and one day I plan to write a book about my journey. Maybe a NBL Canada Basketball Championship can be part of the story too. I am blessed and thankful for this opportunity.”

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