This past week a number of stories made international headlines. The stories were all positive and in all reached over 250 million people from various social networks. The number 1 story was Waris Ahluwalia airport incident which resulted in positive outcomes for the Sikh community at large because it highlighted the trouble Sikhs face at airports around the world.

1) Waris Ahluwalia- Estimated people reached worldwide on social networks 250 Million: Read More: Sikh Hollywood Actor Waris Ahluwalia Kicked Off Plane Due to Turban

2) Sukhjit Kaur at Australia’s Got Talent Estimated people reached on social networks 20 million Read More: Sukhjit Kaur Stands Up to Racism Against Sikhs in Australia on Got Talent Show
3) Harinder Sidhu Becoming Australian High Commissioner to India 5 million Read More: Harinder Sidhu is the New Australian High Commissioner to India

4) Paramjit Singh Pamma Being Set Free 2-3 million people Read More: Portugal Rejects Extradition Request, Paramjit Singh Pamma Released

Mexican Woman’s Brilliant Response to Mexican Airline’s Discrimination Against Waris Ahluwalia: Read More: Maria Garcia

6) Muslim man who became a Sikh after visiting Mecca. Read More: WOW! MUSLIM MAN WHO BECAME A SIKH AFTER VISITING MECCA MEDINA

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