48 dead, Several Injured at Wagah Border Blast (Video)

48 dead, Several Injured at Wagah Border Blast by dailysikhupdates
At least 48 people, including children and security personnel, were killed and 70 others injured in an apparent suicide attack in Pakistan near the Indo-Pak border at Wagah border on Sunday. At least 37 people have been killed while nearly 70 people have also reportedly been injured in the explosion, Dawn reported.

The explosion occurred in the parking area of the Wagah border between India and Pakistan, as the flag lowering-ceremony ended. Punjab police said that explosion may be the result of a suicide attack. Journalists have been instructed to clear the area, which the Rangers have cordoned off. TV footage showed shops and nearby buildings destroyed at the site of the blast. Security and rescue personnel have rushed to the site of the blast while the injured have been taken to hospital.

Emergency has been declared at all hospitals in Lahore. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for a report on the incident. Wagah is the only road border crossing between Amritsar and the Pakistani city of Lahore.

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