Four-year-old Deepika Chandra had surgery to remove an inflamed kidney at the reputed AIIMS hospital in Delhi. A scan after the procedure uncovered a chilling fact – both her kidneys were missing.

A probe has been filed against the hospital. The AIIMs is considered as the best hospital in India. The girl was admitted with an inflamed kidney and admitted into the hospital. A prior scan showed she had 2 kidneys but after admitting and being operated on she complained of pain.


A new scan showed no kidneys were present inside her. The doctors removed the damaged kidney and also the good kidney.

The AIIM officials are saying the she might have had only 1 kidney. The doctors are now recommending one of the parents to donate a kidney to their doctor.

The parent whose a street vendor said he wants justice to why both kidneys were removed before he donates his own.

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