4 Granthis won a case against a Gurdwara Sahib in Normanton, UK for unfair pay by the Gurdwara committee. The Granthis were paid only about £2 an hour in an industrial tribunal ruling due to help from a union.

2 Granthis were dismissed from their jobs at the Gurdwara after complaining about their pay to the committee.

The ruling of the tribunal concluded the dismissal was unfair and they should be given back pay which ends up amounts to thousands of dollars.

The lawyer representing the granthis said, “These men were particularly vulnerable and it was very important that we protected them and made sure justice was done for them.

“This is a significant ruling by the tribunal judge.

“For a period of around two years these men were only being paid £2 an hour and were working between 50 and 60 hours a week at the temple.

“When one of them challenged the committee he was suspended and a second priest was given a written warning for talking to the committee in a derogatory manner.”

Reportedly, the granthis united to file a case against the Gurdwara Committee after receiving support from the sangat and a prior case involving a granthi in Bristol, UK.

The judge ruled in favor of the granthis and stated:

“The claims for unlawful deduction from wages by reason of non-payment of the national minimum wage succeed.

“The claims in relation to unfair dismissal and breach of contract succeed.

“The parties will endeavour to agree the remedy payments.”

But the judge also ruled that three of the priests “substantially understated their hours for the purposes of getting tax credits”.

The pay settlement is yet to be concluded and all four of the priests are no longer working at the Gurdwara.

Mr Jeffrey said: “After they approached us we tried to resolve the matter without the need for solicitors but we were not able to do so.

“We were always trying to talk to the committee right up to the day of the tribunal.

“On the day of the ruling I got a phone call from one of the priests.

“He was saying ‘we have won, we have won’.

“He was so happy.”

“This shows that Unite will support every sector of the community.”

The committee responded to the judgement by stating, “We accept the tribunal’s ruling but we are very disappointed that it has come to this situation.

“We now have financial measures in place to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

With inputs From the Derby Telegraph.

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