A rare eyewitness account of an Akali Nihang fighting a hand to hand battle with 4 British officers during the Anglo Sikh wars.


An account of hand to hand fighting during the Second Anglo-Sikh war as related by a British Officer.

“…a party of Akhalees (fanatics) on foot stopped and fought us, in some instances very fiercely. One fold bold “Nihung” beat off four sowars (horsemen) one after another, and kept them all at bay. I then went at him myself, fearing that he would kill one of them. He instantly rushed to meet me like a tiger, closed with me, yelling “Wah Guroo ji”, and accompanying each shout with a terrific blow of his tulwar. I guarded the three or four first, but he pressed so closely to my horse’s reins that I could not get a fair cut in return. At length I pressed in my turn upon him so sharply that he missed his blow, and I caught it from him, and cut him down with the right, having received no further injury than a severe cut across the fingers; I never beheld such desperation and fury in my life. It was not human scarcely…” – Rev. G.H. Hodson, Twelve years of a soldier’s life in India. Published 1859.

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